Anti-Microbial Ceramic Membrane protects against Biofilm formation, reducing maintenance and extending product performance/life.

Nano sized porosity of 0.5 microns ensures a stream of ultrafine bubbles (avg. 120 microns at 40cm height) that readily diffuse into water.

Unique patented design with central hole ensures tank floor water is lifted through the centre and is enriched with gasses into the bubble stream.

Silicone rubber feet help prevent accidental damage during handling.

Stainless Steel fittings and a tough resin housing means no corrosion, unlike other diffusers made with aluminium housing and brass fittings that cause galvanic corrosion and limits their lifespan.

Reliable & efficient Micro Bubble Diffusers
of durable quality that is easy to install and maintain

Diffuser Specifications

The Enviro Ceramic Diffuser (ECD) Is a high-tech gas diffusion ceramic membrane for efficient gaseous micro bubble transmission into liquids.

The engineered ceramic membrane is made from ultra-fine nano porous aluminium oxide achieving an average pore size of 0.5 micron (500 nano metres).

The ceramic is encapsulated in a tough polyurethane filled resin with stainless steel fittings and silicone rubber feet.

(Picture 1ECD ceramic surface measured with a scanning electron microscope)

Airlift Principle

The unique patented design allows an airlift principle to move anaerobic water through the centre, thereby increasing efficient gas transfer.

The novel anti-microbial ceramic assists in preventing biofouling of the diffuser membrane inside the ceramic pores and outside on the working surface. This reduces maintenance and extends the product performance/life.


Patented air lift design produces unique water circulation from the tank floor, providing additional oxygen enrichment unachievable by regular rectangular diffusers.


High flow rate of ultrafine micron sized bubbles due to the special ceramic membrane made from the finest materials. The diffuser uses about 25% less pressure than other diffusers yet achieves the same fine bubble size and flow rates due to its increased number of ultrafine pores.


We supply a unique modular frame that can be used to connect several diffusers in a row, making handling of diffusers in large tanks easier. These 300mm long frames can be ordered separately and are very practical and versatile to use.


Some of the diffuser specifications are listed in the table above. Please enquire should you need any further information.


Improved outer resin housing formula for increased weight and strength to prevent breakage during handling and ensure stability in water. This product is tough even at sub-zero temperatures.


Enviro Ceramic developed a unique antimicrobial ceramic used to reduce algae growth on the ceramic membrane working surface. This prevents blockage of pores from algae growth and reduces maintenance that is cumbersome with other diffusers on the market.


the basic installation of the diffusers is explained in more detail in the user instruction manuals on the downloads page.


  • Each diffuser has a unique traceable batch number for quality purposes in line with ISO 9002 requirements.
  • Each diffuser is pressure tested for safety to above usage pressures of 400kPa.
  • Diffusers are made from top quality German ceramic raw materials and the toughest resin from the USA.

The latest and best for your Aqua Needs!


  • Secure packaging suitable for air and sea freight in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Two year warranty on the functionality of diffuser if used within the specified parameters of its intended use.
  • Usage instructions are clearly displayed on each diffuser.
  • Delivered worldwide via DHL Express at reasonable prices and quick lead times.


  • Suction cups can be supplied on request for sturdier adherence to tank floor during transport of fish etc.
  • All diffusers have a 1/8” female NPT thread Stainless Steel fitting. Stainless Steel Hose Barb ¼” (6,35mm) for the gas supply line or Push in connectors (for a 8mm OD hose) can be supplied on request.


  • Optimised cost per working surface area compared to other high pressure diffusers on the market with similar small pore size.
  • Reduced weight per unit surface area saving in transport costs but not compromising weight under water.
  • About 25% less pressure needed to run at the same oxygen flow rates as other diffusers in relation to surface area.
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